A Complete Guide to Fall Pants for Men

After a long and eventful summer, you feel like you’ve finally mastered your wardrobe. You know what shorts go with what shoes, what shirts go with what pants, and every time you head out for some fun in the sun, you know exactly what to wear.

Then Labor Day hits. Then October. Suddenly, the weather’s cooler, the sun’s a little lower in the sky, and everything you just learned goes out the window.

But don’t fret: Vintage 1946 has your back.

Get Caught Up

First things first: the basics. If you haven’t already checked it out, look at our guide, The Best Fabrics to Wear for Fall. There you’ll learn some essentials about fall fabrics. But the story doesn’t end there: you need to know which specific kinds of pants to add to your wardrobe so you can create an endless stream of complete fall outfits.

Twill Pants for Men

It all starts with military twill pants.

If the phrase “military twill” is new to you, then you’re in for a treat. Our Military Twill Guide will definitely steer you in the right direction, but for now, remember that twill pants for men should be considered an essential part of your wardrobe thanks to their durability, versatility, and comfort.

Twill pants have a rich history, after all. Sahara twill pants for men in particular. On the surface, a pair of Sahara Twill Pants will look like another pair of khakis—until you realize that military twill is called military for a reason: pants like the Sahara twill we feature at Vintage 1946 have long been considered standard for many military uniforms across the world—and it’s precisely because of their versatility in different types of weather (like the kind of weather fall can throw at you) that these pants are chosen.

Men’s Corduroy Pants

You remember corduroy, don’t you? If not, here’s our guide to corduroy pants for men that you might have missed, along with our review of stretch corduroy pants.

Men’s corduroy pants should be considered one of your ultimate “fall essentials.” Not only is the fabric comfortable to wear, but it’s actually warm—and that’s something you can’t say about the light fabrics you’ve been wearing all summer.

It’s difficult to find warm pants outside the usual realm of jeans and khakis, especially if you’ve prepped your wardrobe for mostly warm weather, but one pair of corduroy pants like our Stretch Corduroy Bark pants will change how you see fall. Suddenly it won’t be all about the dropping temperatures or the nippy gusts of wind; instead, fall will be an opportunity to wear the most comfortable pants in your wardrobe.

Pair your corduroys with one of our woven products here at Vintage 1946—like our Yard Dyed Plaids Texas Orange shirt—and you won’t only look the part for autumn, you’ll feel it. Although summer runs right into autumn, there’s a reason most style guides break down the guide by “spring/summer” and “fall/winter.” In fall you enter a whole new realm of style—and that requires an entirely different way of thinking about both your pants and your entire wardrobe. Fortunately, it only takes a few key purchases to update your dresser and get ready for the cooler weather.