5 Reasons Why Men Should Wear More Pink

As the saying goes, “blue is for boys and pink is for girls”. But in recent years, many guys have been challenging that common wisdom by wearing pink shirts, trousers, and other apparel. That’s for good reason – pink is a great color for tons of guys. Today, let’s take a look at five reasons why all men should wear pink.

Pink Is a Classic Color

For starters, pink is a classic color; it wasn’t always associated with femininity. In fact, as far as the 18th century, men wore pink on everything, including their pants, shirts, and even suits. Pink was considered to be a very masculine shade at the time.

Pink dress shirts first became popular in the early 1900s, particularly among Ivy League students. Suffice it to say that wearing pink is bringing back a fashion staple in the best way possible

Pink is Eye-Catching

As a vibrant color, pink is certainly eye-catching in more ways than one! No matter who you want to attract or whether you want to attract anyone in the first place, pink is a great way to turn heads and make people appreciate the effort you’ve put into your wardrobe. Lots of guys think deeply about what they’ll wear and when they will wear specific clothes. When you wear pink, you’ll make it more likely that people will appreciate all that effort, rewarding you for your attention to detail. What’s not to like?

Pink Shows Confidence

There’s another element to wearing pink you can’t ignore: it shows just how confident you are. Sure, some people still have backward ways of thinking and will consider any guy wearing pink to be more feminine. But when you wear pink and own it, you show much more confidence than those detractors. You aren't a child anymore who has to only wear blue or what other people consider to be appropriate. You can choose your wardrobe and your favorite colors, and you can wear whatever you want without caring what others think.

Not only does this arrest any potential objections to your wardrobe, but it’s also highly attractive in and of itself. Try wearing pink to a business meeting, casual hang out with your friends, or on a date; in these situations and more, you’ll impress those with open minds.

Pink Is a Power Color

In a lot of scenarios, pink works as a “power color”. Similar to red, pink shows that you’re here, you’re engaged, and that you mean business. It’s a great color to wear during a serious date, a meeting with a potential spouse’s family members, or a business engagement.

If you’re the kind of guy that draws energy and power from what you wear, you’ll want to wear pink much more frequently. In fact, wearing pink could make you feel more energized, engaged, and attentive no matter what you do.

It’s an especially bright and empowering color in the spring and summer months when this shade will combine with the bright sunlight in the sky above! Think about wearing pink shorts or snappers for a day out at the beach with your friends.

Pink Combines Well with Most Other Colors

As if that wasn’t enough, pink combines very well with the majority of other colors. Whether you like to wear blue, red, green, or something else entirely, pink could be a perfect combo color for your trousers, shirts, or other articles.

For instance, pink is a perfect addition to outfits that already have dark shades of blue or shades of brown or khaki. Think about wearing these pink classic vintage twill trousers with a darker or pastel shirt for maximum effect. In this way, pink can be worn for both formal and casual outfits alike.

Think about the typical office wardrobe for your average guy: a gray suit, a white shirt, and a gray tie. In other words, boring! What if you add a pink tie to the mix, or you decide to wear a pink undershirt? In these cases and more, the pink brightens up your outfit and makes you much more interesting to look at.

Add to that the fact that pink is a perfect springtime color, and it's clear that pink shirts, ties, and trousers can become a staple in any man’s wardrobe if you’re brave enough to give them a chance. You can even wear pink as a pattern color, like in this authentic madras shorts.

Bottom line: pink is colorful, powerful, and goes great with a lot of guys’ natural skin tones and personalities. Combine a pink shirt or pair of trousers with other articles and you’ll look confident, successful, and attractive in any environment. If you’re ready to shop the look, shop the Vintage 1946 Catalog today!

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