5 of the Most Common Fashion Mistakes Men Make

We all make mistakes—especially when it comes to fashion. The key is not letting those mistakes become habits. To keep you looking your best, here are five of the most common fashion mistakes men make.

1. Wearing an Ill-Fitted Suit

Wearing an ill-fitted suit to a wedding or formal dinner is arguably just as bad as not wearing a suit at all. Suits should emphasize the best parts of your physique and be tailor-made for you. A fitted suit should have the following:

  • Jacket sleeves (seams) that begin where your shoulder ends.
  • A jacket collar that sits evenly against your shirt collar and the back of your neck without any gaps.
  • With your arms completely relaxed and hands by your sides, the length of your jacket hem should hit the middle of your hand.
  • Trousers that are neither overly baggy nor tight.

If you still aren’t sure, the best way to get an honest opinion is to visit your local tailor. Ask if they believe any adjustments need to be made. Another strategy is knowing your measurements from the get-go. This helps especially when buying clothes online.

2. Your Tie is Too Long

From time to time, you need to wear a tie. And most of the time, you’re wearing a tie for a significant reason—whether it is a wedding or an interview. This is something you don’t want to mess up.

When your tie is too long, you’ll not only look a little strange, but you’ll defeat the purpose of the tie in the first place. Ideally, your tie's tip--the very end of the diamond--should sit at the middle of your waistband or belt. If it goes past your belt toward the zipper or buttons of your pants, it’s too long.

3. You Forgot to Tuck

Keeping your shirt untucked might be comfortable, but it's never the right call if you’re dressing for a formal or semi-formal occasion. Keep your shirt tucked in to avoid looking sloppy and immature. Anytime you ever wear a tie, your shirt must be tucked in, no matter what type of shirt you wear.

As a style tip, remember that tucked shirts typically look best when paired with a belt. Choose a leather belt in a color like brown, black, or gray, and you’ll look great with minimal effort.

4. Your Jacket Sleeves Are Too Long

It’s easier than you think to accidentally wear a suit jacket with sleeves that are too long. Ideally, suit jacket sleeves should end just before your shirt cuffs. Jacket sleeves should cover the cufflink areas of a formal shirt, but they should still allow a little of the shirt to peek through. Similarly, they should not cover your shirt cuffs completely.

5. You Wear a Clip Tie

Lastly, never wear a clip tie under any circumstances! This is almost as bad as wearing a tie that’s too long. As a young man, your best bet is to invest in a few basic ties in neutral colors like navy, black, and gray. Practice in the mirror. Even if it takes a few hours to get it right, this is an important skill you’ll use for the rest of your life.

If you’ve made any of these mistakes, don’t worry. Almost every man has made at least one (or five) in a lifetime. Moving forward, keep yourself looking your best simply by styling your clothes correctly and choosing clothes with the right fit—and avoiding clip ties.

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