Common Questions Associated with Shorts

If you’re like most people, then you’re overwhelmed by today’s rules of fashion. You’re not sure when to wear what, when to tuck the shirt in, when you should wear socks—and the list never seems to end. And worse, it seems like no one will come out and give you a straight answer to wearing shorts with style.

Let’s put an end to all that and answer some of the most common shorts-and-style questions out there.

Should I Wear a Belt with My Shorts?

It depends. Generally, if you’re going to tuck your shirt into your shorts for a more formal look, then you’ll want to add a belt to pull the outfit together. If your shorts fit well enough that they don’t need a belt and you’re going to leave a longer, button-down shirt untucked, then you can typically get away with not wearing a belt.

It’s true, belts serve practical purposes when it comes to shorts, but think of them as something of an accessory: they’re not going to pull an outfit together if they’re not seen. A short untucked tee that reveals the belt line in some places, for example, will often call for a belt, as well.

Can I Wear Socks with My Shorts?

Generally, no-show socks are the way to go; they give your legs a spare, Spartan look and help elongate the look of the legs. If you wear tall socks, it shortens the look of the legs, making you appear shorter and ill proportioned. Not a great summer look at all.

If you do have to wear athletic shorts, try to keep them low to your sneakers for the same reasons listed above. Otherwise, the general answer here is “no,” with few exceptions.

Can I mix short patterns with my shirt patterns?

It can be difficult to find what patterns work with each other, so when you’re first starting out with this whole “style” thing, it’s best to avoid mixing patterns. A solid colored pair of shorts will go well with a plaid shirt, for example. The more you come to recognize what you like wearing, the more you should feel free to experiment with what works. Some contrasts, however – like madras with stripes – are generally best avoided if you don’t feel comfortable wearing them. It’s hard to contrast; it’s easy to clash.

Can I tuck my shirt into my shorts?

Absolutely; it helps “dress up” your look, making for a more formal summer outfit.

When is it not appropriate to wear shorts?

Formal occasions: weddings (save for a few casual outdoor exceptions), funerals, fancy restaurants, and the like. Shorts are comfortable in sweltering heat—certainly more comfortable than pants—but sometimes it’s best to simply wear a light pant fabric and cover up for the more formal settings.

Cargo pockets: yay or nay?

It depends. Generally, today’s slimmer fit and more minimalistic look is in style—but that doesn’t mean cargo pockets should be completely abandoned. They’re great for outdoor adventures in which utility demands some extra storage space.

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