Three Situations to Wear Madras Shorts

You’ve heard of this word “Madras.” Maybe you’ve even taken a gander at some Madras shorts and thought, “well, those look sharp—but I don’t know how to pull them off.” Wherever you are in your sartorial journey, the facts are clear: it’s summer, and you want to know how to pull off an interesting pair of shorts in the right situations.

The Madras short is a perfect way to stand out from the crowd—but because these designs tend to be a little more ambitious than the usual solid-color short, it does take a little bit of added know-how to integrate them into a full outfit.

Luckily, we can think of three situations that call for Madras shorts—and we’ll offer a few suggestions for pairing them with other articles along the way.

Situation #1: The Pool Party

In the summertime, the word “party” might as well become synonymous with “pool.” This is when people need to cool off and enjoy the weather—and dressing for pool parties and beach days comes an entirely different set of fashion rules.

Casual is accepted—and expected. Wearing a polo shirt and a pair of trousers might fly at an ordinary barbecue, but at a pool party, you have to look “beach-ready.” A pair of madras shorts with a plain tee, sandals and maybe a pair of sunglasses is all you need to stand out and look comfortable—and occasion-appropriate all the while.

Situation #2: The Vacation

You’re supposed to cut loose on vacation. And since vacations typically take place in warm areas, which means you’re going to need to cut loose in a way that doesn’t stifle your legs. Madras shorts, of course, are the answer. With this Red/Navy Madras short on hand, you’ll be ready for just about any situation. You can dress them up with a polo shirt for a trip to the hotel bar. You can wear them with a tee for sight-seeing. You can add an OCBD on top to wear to a restaurant.

Situation #3: Camping

People don’t often camp in the wintertime, which means that it’s an activity that’s just as frequently associated with summertime as a bathing suit. Madras shorts are great for camping in that they have a touch of formality in the way they’re constructed…but everything else about them is casual. Pair a white or gray tee with a pair of Madras shorts, and you’ll be better dressed than just about everyone around the campfire…except you don’t look dressed up. And that’s essential when you’re camping: after all, you’re trying to rough it a little bit.

And speaking of campfires, we’ll let you go with one more bonus situation in which Madras shorts can save the day: the bonfire. On a beach, in someone’s backyard—wherever—your Madras shorts are a great way to show that you’re ready to have some fun…while still giving a hint of sartorial know-how. Pair them with an OCBD to dress them up or stick to a tee shirt to keep them casual. The choice is yours. Shop the full collections from Vintage 1946 today.