How to Stand out at Your Next 4th of July Barbecue

We’ll be the first to admit that celebrating Independence Day isn’t about who wins some imagined sartorial contest. But we also live in a country that celebrates independence in more than one way. We’re not a country of uniforms. We’re a country of “wear whatever you like, and be proud of it.” And in our minds, that means that there’s no better time to express your own individual style than on a day in which we celebrate liberty.

Or, maybe you just like looking nice at 4th of July parties.

Whatever the case, you want to make sure you have your bases covered for standing out with flair and style.

Embracing the Summer Colors

First things first: Independence Day may be the most “summer” of all summer holidays. Think about it: it takes place right smack-dab in the middle of the season. School’s out, people have the day off, and with the weather participating there might not be any other day of the year quite like it. That means you’ll want to make the full use of your summer wardrobe.

In our minds, that means embracing summer colors like salmon, white, light blues, light plaids and prints, blues and reds, pale green – the “lighter” end of the color spectrum. Take a look at the colors offered in our Sahara Twill 7” Flat Front Shorts – the darkest it gets is “Dusty Bay.” It’s the time to wear blue boat shoes, lightly-colored Oxford Cloth Button Downs and polo shirts – with only a few dark accents like sunglasses, watches, belts, and bracelets to make the colors truly pop.

So we say: embrace those summer colors. Independence Day is a day of bright fireworks, plenty of warmth and fun under the sun, and sunscreen. That means you’ll look out of place if you wear the colors you typically associate with a winter wardrobe.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get a Little “Out There”

Since it’s a day of celebration, there may be no better time to bring out the more fanciful contributions to your wardrobe. You can check out some of our offerings in our Plaids and Prints section, of course, but we think there’s nothing more 4th appropriate than these Vintage Patch Shorts in Navy. Not only does it feature white stars over a blue field, but it’s also festive in a really fun and unique way. And paired with a nice light shirt and a few accents, you’ll be amazed at how 4th-ready you’ll look as soon as you try them on.

It doesn’t take much to stand out: just a really great pair of occasion-specific shorts. But if you take the time into creating a full Independence Day outfit that makes you look every bit as good as you feel on that special day, then you’re really onto something. The rest of the time can be spent enjoying hot dogs and watching fireworks – and maybe soaking up a compliment or two along the way.