3 White Shorts Outfits for Men

No wardrobe is complete without at least one or two pairs of white shorts. After all, you are likely wearing shorts when the weather is warm, so going with a light color can help keep you cool in those high temperatures.

Of course, white shorts alone don’t make an outfit. You’ll also need a great shirt to complement those shorts. We’re going to help you build three outstanding white shorts outfits for men, using quality garments available right here at V1946. Let’s get started!

White Snappers Shorts and Sky Blue Tee

Snappers 7’’ Inseam White

Garment Dyed Slub Pocket Tee

Our Snappers collection of shorts is ideal for countless summer activities. With an inseam that measures just 7’’, these are comfortable even on the warmest days. Also, the elastic waist further contributes to their comfort, and the 98% cotton material allows them to breathe.

These white shorts pair nicely with the Sky Blue Tee we’ve highlighted here. The tee is 100% cotton, so the breathability will be present from top to bottom in this outfit. With the light blue shade contrasting against the white shorts, you’ll be particularly well prepared for a day on or near the water. This is a casual outfit that you will find yourself turning to time and again until the summer fades.

Vintage Twill White Shorts and Lilac Polo

Classic Vintage Twill 9’’ Short White

Micro Pique Polo in Lilac

This outfit was designed with the avid golfer in mind. If you love to spend your summer days on the links, you’ll need outfits that will look great and keep you comfortable all the way through the last hole. These twill shorts offer a traditional look that will be at home on any golf course, including the modest 9’’ inseam and flat front styling.

To work with the clean white shorts, we’ve selected a beautiful lilac shade for the polo shirt. Whether you tuck it in or leave it out, this shirt will allow for comfortable swings and will transition nicely to hanging out for a post-round meal or beverage. Made of 65% polyester and 35% rayon, this shirt will stay dry and won’t weigh you down.

Vintage Twill White Shorts and White Tee

Classic Vintage Twill 7’’ Short

Negative Slub Henley in Island Paradise

For this outfit, we are going for the pastel color coordination that works for any summer outfit. These white shorts will contrast nicely with our teal Island Paradise dye. If these shorts sound familiar, it’s because they are the same model featured in the previous outfit, only with a shorter inseam. That shorter inseam might not be great for the golf course, but it will work well for plenty of casual social settings. The tee shirt is 100% cotton, also making it a great pick for a relaxed outing like a BBQ or bonfire at the beach.

The Advantage of White Shorts

When you add a pair of white shorts to your wardrobe, you’ll be creating a foundation on which you can add virtually any kind of shirt. When you have a shirt in your closet that you like but aren’t sure what to wear it with, white shorts are a safe bet. There won’t be any clashing colors or patterns to worry about, so you can be sure that you’ve selected a nice outfit.

Make no mistake – we love bright, bold shorts at V1946. We have plenty of loud colors and patterns in our collection, and we encourage you to check out those, as well. Your best bet is to have versatility in your wardrobe. You’ll never be stuck without an option to pair up with a shirt you want to wear, and the outfit possibilities in your wardrobe will be nearly endless.

V1946 is Here to Serve You

Whether you decide to go with any of these combinations or you’d rather make up your own outfit, one thing is certain – ordering from V1946 is the best way to build your summer wardrobe. You’ll love the quality of our shorts and shirts, and your commitment to great style is sure to shine through. Thank you for stopping by V1946 and we look forward to receiving your order!