3 of the Best Shorts for Camping

The heat of summer is rolling across the country in waves. If you’re like most of us, you’re already planning a camping trip or two with your friends and family members to escape the heat and enjoy nature while there’s plenty of light outside past 8 p.m.

If you want to enjoy your camping adventures in comfort and style, you need quality shorts so your legs don't sweat all day. Vintage 1946 has you covered with three distinct shorts to choose from.

1. Snapper Shorts

First up are Vintage 1946’s snapper shorts. In a nutshell, these are shorter than average and feature 5.5-inch inseams. When you wear these shorts, you never need to worry about keeping your legs cool throughout the day.

These shorts are also fantastic since they feature elastic waistbands with functional flies and buttons. Our snapper shorts are made of 100% cotton and are available in tons of different colors, including bright summer shades and select patterns.

When Are They Great?

Overall, the snapper shorts are top choices if you live in a very hot area and you aren’t likely to escape the heat even if you go camping. Since the shorts are shorter than average, they’re comfortable, trendy, and perfect for keeping your legs breezy no matter where you go. Plus, they’re ultra-maneuverable as they lack excess material above or below the knees.

2. Windjammer Stretch Shorts

Next up are Vintage 1946’s stretch shorts. With 9-inch inseams, these are a more typical length, but don’t let that fool you. They’re available in ultra-casual, relaxed fits exclusively, so they’re always comfortable and never feel like they weigh your waist down or trap your legs.

Like the above shorts, the windjammer stretch shorts come with elastic waistbands and functional drawstrings. More importantly, these are made of quick-drying hybrid fabric, so you can easily wear them while swimming and not have to worry about changing your clothes after a quick dip.

When Are They Great?

While the windjammer shorts are popular for their fun prints and colors, they’re favorites of campers and outdoor enthusiasts for another key reason: they dry rapidly. Forget having to switch to another pair of shorts or switch into swim trunks when you want to jump in the river or lake.

Instead, you can simply keep wearing these windjammer shorts, and rest assured that they will dry off sooner rather than later. As a result, they are perfect for swimming, beach activities, working outdoors, playing tennis, or any other sports you can imagine.

Gurkha Hybrid Shorts

Last up are Gurkha hybrid shorts. Like the above windjammer shorts, these are made with the same quick-drying hybrid fabric, so you can wear them in the water and keep wearing them in the summer sun for a fast-drying experience.

With 9-inch inseams and wide belt loops, these stretchy Gurkha hybrid shorts are extremely comfortable. But they're also relatively durable and can withstand significant wear and tear before requiring replacement.

When Are They Great?

Our hybrid Gurkha shorts look similar to normal casual shorts, so they’re great for rolling into town, picking up some last-minute camping gear, and heading straight to the camping site.

These are common enough that you can wear them to almost any casual or semi-casual dining experience, like lunch at a local restaurant. In other words, they’re the perfect summer shorts.

What Else to Wear with Summer Shorts

While summer shorts are a major part of your camping wardrobe, you should consider the other elements of your outfit carefully as well.

  • Remember to bring plenty of comfortable T-shirts or tank tops so you don't overheat.
  • Sunglasses or a hat are lifesavers if you camp in the summer sun.
  • Comfortable sneakers or sandals are must-haves rather than boots.
  • If you plan on spending a good amount of time outdoors, don’t forget to bring sunscreen and apply it liberally to your exposed arms and legs. Sunburn isn’t ideal when you’re trying to enjoy yourself.

Put Your Best Look Forward with Vintage

All in all, any of the above shorts could be great picks for your upcoming camping trip. If you've never tried any of them before, why not pick up a pair of each and see which you prefer overall?

Browse through Vintage 1946's extensive shorts collection to see all the different patterns and colors!