The Modern Man’s Guide to Modern Shorts

Officially, summer is right around the corner, but one step outside will tell you that it’s already hot enough for shorts. Like any reasonable man, you’re probably wondering how you can best achieve a balance between looking good, feeling comfortable, and staying cool.

The answer, of course, is by wearing shorts.

But more specifically, the answer is in wearing the right shorts. If you want to look good on a date, a trip to the beach, a weekend hangout with friends, or simply make a good impression, you’ll want to wear a pair of shorts that suggests that you’re stylistically aware enough to know what looks good and what doesn’t. Distinguishing between the two isn’t always easy, particularly if you’ve never bought shorts before. Luckily, that’s exactly why we’ve created this handy guide.

Key #1 to Modern Shorts: The Fit

How your clothes fit might be the most important thing about them. Clothes that properly fit do an effective job of giving your body the appearance of proper proportions—but, more than that, clothes that properly fit should feel comfortable. Excessively baggy or snug clothing won’t have you looking your best.

How do you know when shorts fit? There are a few rules:

  • Your shorts should stay on your waist without the aid of a belt—even if you plan on wearing one. If they’re sagging without a belt, they’re too big.
  • These days, it’s not particularly fashionable to wear shorts that cover the knee or go even lower than that. Shorter shorts are in, especially these 7” shorts.

Key #2 to Modern Shorts: Simple Flat Fronts

You can find a number of flat front shorts from which to peruse right here at Vintage 1946, and for good reason: simple flat front shorts offer a modern, minimal look. The days of baggy cargo shorts have passed, and a lighter, slimmer style has taken over. This is why flat front shorts are so popular—they provide a clean, simple, modern look without any excess; staying true to the slimmer style of shorts that are trending these days.

Key #3 to Modern Shorts: A Variety of Colors

If you only own khaki-colored shorts in your wardrobe, you have a lot of versatility…but, unfortunately, that’s about all you have. Today’s shorts are colorful! There’s a reason that plaids and prints like Madras have become so popular; it’s more and more common to see a gamut of wardrobe colors when you head outside these days. Having a pop of color is a great way to not only differentiate your outfit from all the rest, but to look sharp and modern. What’s more, it takes a degree of confidence and boldness to wear bold colors.


Key #4 to Modern Shorts: Trying New Things

Of course, none of these keys will really matter unless you try new things and abandon the khaki cargo shorts in favor of a different, simpler, more modern option. If you haven’t already, browse around our shop to see if there’s a pair of shorts that strikes your fancy.