How to Buy Shorts (That Actually Fit) Online

We’ve all been there. The pair of shorts looks great on the screen—like they’ll completely overhaul your entire summer wardrobe. Then you order them, open them, and find out that the fit is too small, too big, or—worse yet—completely opposite of what you were hoping for.

As more and more online stores are getting better with posting their measurements, online shoppers are becoming more skilled at buying clothes that fit the first time. But shouldn’t there be some way to ensure that you get the fit right just about every time?

We at Vintage believe that fit is essential to style, which is why we make sure to be upfront about our measurements and offerings to ensure you get the right pair of shorts that fits perfectly. Here are some tips for making sure your first purchase is the right one.

Waist: Know Your Measurements

The fastest way to ensure that you actually get a pair of shorts that will fit is to know your own size. We recommend measuring yourself and then weighing that against the pair of shorts you own that you think fit the best. Go online and see how those shorts measure out according to the online shop’s specifications. Write down any and all relevant numbers you find and you should have the idea of the range in which a pair of shorts will likely fit you.

The most obvious place to start looking is at the waist. Generally, a waist measurement in the world of tailoring refers to a stomach measurement for shirts; in the world of shorts, the waist is actually the waistband. Oftentimes the two measurements will be similar, depending on your body type.

Short Length and Hem: An Easy Correction

How long your shorts fall on the leg is probably the second most obvious piece of the sizing puzzle. These days, the style tends to be simpler shorts that don’t go down past the knee—avoiding the look of overly long and billowy cargo shorts is the name of the game here. A quick perusal of our 7” flat front shorts will show you what today’s style tends to mean when it comes to short length.

Hemming shorts that are too long is one of the easiest corrections to make. In fact, here at Vintage 1946 we offer complimentary hemming on all pants. With shorts, changing the hem usually isn’t necessary if you’re buying the right pair from the get-go.

Avoiding the “Billowy” Look

No matter what kind of garment you’re buying, you’ll want to make sure that your shorts don’t wrinkle and billow when you wear them: that’s a sure sign that they are the wrong size.

Avoiding billowing when it comes to shorts is a combination of making sure that you buy the right waist size and short length for your preferences. Otherwise, excessive billowing might be a sign of poor shorts construction; we’d recommend switching to a provider of shorts that specializes in a more modern look. Not that we know anyone like that…

Here at Vintage 1946, we take great pride in making our products the best fit for every type of consumer. Visit our online store today to find the right shorts for your style and size.