2024: Men’s Fashion Trends in the New Year

2024 has arrived in style. Speaking of which: certain questions are always being asked about the new year. Among them: What men’s fashion trends will we see take off this year?

The real question is: are they the trends that match your personal style? Of course, they say “out with the old, in with the new.” But could this be the case for certain men’s fashion trends? 

We’ll be taking a look at some of the biggest trends we expect to take hold in 2024 (and perhaps beyond). Let’s check out the list right now.

Bold colors will still hold strong 

Needless to say, bold colors will still be a thing in 2024. Wearing bright and vibrant colors will make things eye-catching. You may also be sending a message that you are loud and full of energy (without being obnoxious or flashy). 

Bright red might be one color to choose from, which can match perfectly with neutral tones with everything else you wear. You could also experiment with color blocking as well where you can wear two different colors that fit well, albeit with unconventional but proper planning and execution. 

Oversized clothing will be in style. No really… 

OK, here’s the crazy part about this trend. Men are looking at oversized tailoring as a trend that goes against the normal “perfect fit”. Proponents of this idea are saying that the look won’t be as sloppy as people think it will be. 

You could try it out and it might work to your advantage. Otherwise, you can keep it to the usual perfect fit. Why wear oversized clothes when you can wear something fitted but just as comfortable like Vintage 1946’s Classic Vintage Twill Relax Fit pants? 

Among the clothes that are a part of this trend are suits and coats. If it’s comfortable but not sloppy, it may be something you might enjoy rocking just for fun. These might be worn for the purpose of not just being loud but also becoming the center of attention (nothing wrong with that so you do you). 

Denim will still be popular - but with different styles 

Denim is not going out of style any time soon. Nor will these Boys Micrograph Windjammer Hybrid Denim shorts. In fact, there are different style variations where this material will be prominent. 

For example, the “Canadian tuxedo” - which consists of all denim clothing - will become a popular option for men. Even better, you can sport the look in all kinds of different shades. The important thing to remember is that they all need to be the same shade if you want to make it look good. 

So be sure to include denim in your wardrobe for 2024 and beyond because there may be no other material on the planet that will knock it down a peg or two when it comes to popularity. Long live denim. 

Sustainable fashion will still advance 

As the world becomes more eco-friendly, sustainable fashion is making its presence known in the men’s category. Thus, it may be a good option to consider looking for clothes that are made from materials such as recycled polyester, organic cotton, or even unconventional materials like hemp. Sustainable fashion will gain popularity over the years and for a few good reasons.  

First, these sustainable materials will reduce the environmental impact. Meaning that these clothes will last longer and won’t be disposed of quicker than usual. So you have the luxury of wearing something that will provide long-lasting durability and less time when it comes to wear and tear.  

If you are someone who cares about the environment, chances are you already have an idea of wearing sustainable materials in mind. So you might be making plans on what to add to your wardrobe (while disposing of or donating any unwanted clothes). Sustainable fashion will save you money in the long run, which is never a bad thing for anyone who wants to save extra cash for whatever else they desire. 

Vintage is new again 

Or perhaps it never left to begin with. If you want to mix a little bit of the classic with the modern, there may be a few ideas to consider. One of them is watches. You can mix up your modern personal style with a touch of age and elegance with high-end timepieces. 


These 2024 men’s fashion trends are expected to stay strong throughout the year. They may stay this way beyond that. If you want to upgrade your fashion for the new year, Vintage 1946 has you covered. 

To see what we’ve got in store for you, check out our catalog today and find the perfect fit for you.