How Men’s Shorts Can Help You Stand Out This Summer

When summer hits and the clothes get a little smaller, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to make a fashion statement. After all, this time of year, everyone and their mother is wearing sunglasses and cool clothes to keep the heat and sun at bay. What’s a fashion-forward person like yourself to do in order to make sure that your style remains every bit as distinctive as your personality?

The answer, if you ask us, is short. Or, more specifically, shorts. Wearing a modern, sleek pair of shorts will not only help you stand out from the crowd, but it will be a comfortable addition to your summer wardrobe that will help you stay cool in addition to looking good.

But what kinds of shorts actually fit the bill? Let’s break it down with a few examples:

Vintage Seersucker Short Navy

Seersucker is one of the great summertime fabric weaves, and for good reason. A pair of seersucker shorts like these Vintage Seersucker Shorts features 100% cotton, which helps keep it light and breezy on the hottest days so that it’s never stifling. But what’s really key here is the subtle difference in style that the seersucker affords: it’s not your usual “khaki cargo short,” and you know that simply by looking at it.

Although these shorts work well with a number of modern selections in your wardrobe, there’s something classic about the subtle blue stripes that’s just as classic, vintage, and old-timey as anything in our collection.

Sahara Twill 7” Flat Front Shorts

Take your pick. Each of these Sahara Twill shorts features the same comfortable sort of Twill you just read about, and the 7” length helps keep them cool and breezy without venturing too close to “cargo shorts” territory. These are the kind of minimalistic flat front shorts that you can wear all summer, match with a variety of summertime shirts and shoes, and laugh to yourself as no one notices you practically wear them all the time. That comes down to one word: versatility. Even the lighter colors (Parisian Blue, Charleston Brick) here are strangely versatile, rarely failing to match with any sort of button down, polo, or tee you choose to wear.

Plaids and Prints

If your fashion tastes tend toward the unorthodox, then you’ll love having your pick from this litter. The plaids and prints available at Vintage 1946 are wide-ranging and certainly less muted than their conservative counterparts—but when it comes to standing out from the crowd, that can be a very good thing indeed. What’s more, there are a variety of patterns here—the Vintage Patch Short Navy, for example, is a 4th of July favorite that looks every bit as patriotic as a pair of shorts has the right to be without sacrificing any of its sartorial sharpness.

Standing out from the crowd can be as simple as securing a quality pair of shorts like our Sahara Twill options or checking out something a little more daring like our Plaids and Prints. The beauty of it all? You get to choose a style that suits your individual taste.