Stay Cool Wearing Your Woven Shirt This Summer and Look Good

The heat’s going up, the days are longer, and more and more people are flocking outdoors for an excuse to have picnics, family events, and more. That means you’d better be ready to spend a lot of time under the sun this summer. And doing so doesn’t only mean that you have to stay cool—it means you’re going to have to look good doing it all the while if you want to feel your best.

But how do you merge the practicality of staying cool in sweltering summer heat with the very real need to dress appropriately at each occasion? We think the key can be found in our Woven Plaid Shirt collection—and here’s why.

Using Cotton Fabrics

If you’ve worn a lot of wool in the winter season, now’s the time to remind yourself that you should be switching fabrics before it gets too hot outside. Sure, wool is one of the most versatile fabrics known to man—but it’s also so effective that sometimes it’s not the best fabric to create breathable summerwear. We turn to cotton for that purpose, as you see in our Woven Shirt collection.

Cotton is a naturally light and breezy fabric that’s just as comfortable as anything out there. It tends to do a good job at allowing plenty of air to circulate underneath the clothes so that you never feel stifled. That’s why even a shirt like this Authentic Madras Short-sleeve can look warmer than it really is, thanks to the design. Really, though, the shirt is light enough to wear in the summer, partially thanks to the short-sleeves.

Lighten Up

Your wardrobe, that is. Although our woven plaid shirts are great year-round, it’s always important to remember that lighter colors tend to reflect more light during the summer, which makes them a better option for staying cool. This Multi-Color Seersucker short-sleeve shirt is not only breezy, but it’s light enough that it will keep the sun’s light where it belongs—back in the air.

Sure, it’s important to utilize a short-sleeve in the summer, but it’s not always necessary. After all, not all summer days are 80 degrees and sunny. Some days will be breezier than others. Some days it might rain. You never know what summer will throw at you, which means that as long as you’re dressing in the appropriate fabric and gravitate toward lighter summer colors, you’ll look good while feeling good as well. Short-sleeves are not always required.

Build Your Wardrobe

Although we have plenty of recommendations—see above—for enhancing your wardrobe this summer, we recognize that just about any wardrobe is always a work in progress. It’s okay if you don’t feel like you have everything you need this summer. As long as you know what kinds of shirts to buy, including the button-down shirts for dressier occasions, and you know your fabrics, you’ll be ready for most events this summer and many summers to come.