Your Complete Guide to Men's 7" Shorts

Unwilling as you are to admit it, even if you’ve read our guide to men’s 9-inch shorts, you don’t know all there is to know about shorts. And while the two-inch difference that separates the 9-inch shorts from the 7-inch shorts may seem minuscule to the untrained eye, you’ll find that switching between the two will make you feel entirely different while opening up your wardrobe to an entirely different range of options.

With that in mind, let’s steer you through the world of 7-inch shorts, introduce you to a few of our favorite selections, and explore why you might want to acquire a pair for yourself:

Why 7-inch Shorts?

It may be the first question on your mind. “Why should I opt for 7-inch shorts when there are longer options out there? Do I really want to show that much skin?” The answer is a resounding…maybe. It depends on your style, on the weather, and other factors. Here are a few advantages inherent to a shorter hem:

  • The longer your shorts, the less flexibility you’ll have. Sure, there are mesh shorts to offer more flexibility, but we’re talking about a dressier brand of shorts here. If you want to attend a casual backyard barbecue and play volleyball with the rest of the guests, you’ll need some shorts that offer you a little more breathing room.
  • Warm weather comes with summer, so your wardrobe needs to be prepared for those extremely hot days where you’ll want to expose as much skin to a cool breeze as possible.
  • Consider our Sahara Twill Dunes shorts. These shorts come in colors like dusty khaki and dusty mint, which gives them an element of sophistication you don’t see on most “short shorts.” Yet they’re short enough to be casual, as well—and that means versatility. Add in their inherent athleticism and you’ll come to see why 7-inch shorts might be the best investment you make in a versatile piece all year.

Making the Choice

Okay, you’re convinced: 7-inch shorts are the way to go on a hot summer day. But what else do you need to know to make the right purchase and squeeze as much “wearing time” out of these shorts as possible? Let’s take a closer look at the choices you’ll want to make:

  • Buttoned shorts vs. elastic waist shorts. You already saw the elastic waist shorts in our Sahara Twill Dunes shorts. The Sahara Twill 7” Flat Front shorts feature a button cinch at the waist, which in our opinion makes them a little “dressier” than the more athletic Sahara Twill Dunes 7-inch shorts. Which should you choose? That’s up to you and your social calendar.
  • Picking out the right color. Peruse our Classic Vintage 7-Inch Twill shorts and you’ll see just how many color choices are available. Which one is best for you? Again, this is an individual choice. But we should note that colors like British Tan and Navy tend to be versatile—while the brighter colors offer a better chance of mixing up the style and standing out from the crowd. It’s all about your priorities.