Want to Stay Cool This Summer? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Sitting in front of the air conditioner. Opening the fridge and never leaving its side. Taking a can of Coca-Cola and rubbing it on your head.

These are not the most ideal strategies for staying cool this summer.

Someone once said, “There is no such thing as bad weather—only inappropriate clothing.” They might have been talking about braving strong gusts of wind or freezing rain, and adding more layers. But we at Vintage recognize that sometimes, a hot summer can be a force to be reckoned with in its own right. If you want to stay cool this summer while enjoying all of your favorite summertime activities under the sun, it pays to dress for the weather. Here’s how.

Keep the Colors Light

There’s a reason that the color white is associated with summer beyond the fact that it’s light and breezy: it’s also the most reflective color.

The basic science says that sunlight contains all of the visible wavelengths of colors—red, blue, and so on. If a shirt is light-colored, that means more colors are reflecting off of it. White shirts do this with the most possible efficiency, reflecting as much sunlight as possible.

If you don’t think sunlight will matter for how cool you feel, just tell that to the cat that keeps itself warm by finding sunlight from a window.

Don’t be the warm cat this summer. Be a walking, talking, sunlight-reflecting machine. Our Retro Stretch Polo in White should be the perfect shirt for making this happen—and it’s versatile enough to wear in just about any occasion.

Look for Breathable Fabrics

After you’ve mastered the art of beaming sunrays back into outer space, you’ll want to consider the fabric with which you’re doing your reflecting. Different fabrics, as you know, have different properties. Wool is particularly fit for winter months because it tends to retain heat efficiently. Other fabrics are lighter and more breathable—and that’s where you’ll want to focus your energy.

Cotton is one of the most universal summer fabrics because of its ability to retain breathability while staying light, easily swaying in the breeze and allowing air to circulate. That’s a good thing if you plan on keeping the sweat at bay. But don’t forget about cotton weaving patterns, either—for example, this pair of Vintage Seersucker Shorts is 100% cotton. And seersucker is a particularly summer-friendly weaving pattern that will keep you looking every bit as formal as you do during the cooler months. Other seersucker items like trousers will be great for maximizing your coolness when it’s warm outside.

Put it All Together

Summer is the time to bring out the lighter colors and the lighter fabrics—and not just because it looks good. Wearing these styles will also give you a serious advantage when it comes to beating the heat. Stay hydrated, don’t venture out into the sun too long, and keep your clothes light.