Why You Should Stock Up on Twill Shorts Now, Not Later

Yes, we know. It’s not quite summer yet. The Sahara Twill Dunes Shorts featured here at Vintage 1946 might be where your heart is—but your physical body might be in a very different weather system.

But that’s no reason you shouldn’t be thinking about summer clothes—specifically, about men’s twill shorts—right now. Here’s why.

Know Your Twill: A Brief Refresher

What exactly is twill, and why should you be thinking about it? Well, twill fabric is a pattern of diagonal textile weaving that’s so unique it gives each twill garment a “front” and a “back” side. Fabrics as wide-ranging as denim and tweed utilize this weaving pattern, and so do our Sahara Twill Dunes Shorts.

The advantages? Twill is substantial but light, with interesting patterns that separate them stylistically from other, more straight-forward weaving patterns. They look very stylish, particularly in monochromatic forms (there’s a reasons jeans work, after all), and allow you to rock some great summer colors while always keeping your look classic and interesting.

Twill also has the advantage of being highly functional. Yes, it’s light and drapes well, but it’s also highly amenable to features like elastic drawstrings that are so essential to the men’s twill shorts we put together at Vintage 1946.

Put all of these advantages together and you have a formula for a slick pair of shorts—the kind that are light to wear, look good paired with a button-up shirt or no shirt at all, and even look great simply wearing around the house.

Why to Stock Up on Twill Right Now

Okay, so you get that twill’s great and all, but why should you actually think about buying summer shorts right now? Here are our suggestions:

The price is right. What better time to buy summer shorts than before summer, when the prices are lower and you know you’re going to get some use out of them sooner rather than later? If you’re a price-conscious sartorial investor, now’s the time to move on these shorts.

Availability. Sure, availability isn’t a predictable concern—but you don’t want to have to worry about that when summer’s here. Stock up now to avoid

the summer rush and you can concentrate on getting some sun rather than getting your new shorts in the mail.

Get ready for spring. Twill isn’t a fabric made for summer alone. Shorts work in spring, autumn, and even warm winters, depending on your local climate. There’s no reason you can’t be on the fashion edge this spring and bust out the men’s twill shorts at the appropriate time.

It’s not summer yet, but that doesn’t mean summer’s restricted to a few short months. Your climate may be warm—or, if you live in a cold climate, you might be ready to wear shorts just as soon as the sun comes out. No matter what the event, a good pair of twill shorts announces that you’ve arrived and you’re ready to act like it’s summer.