Classic American Style at Vintage 1946

There’s an old saying that people should dress for the job they want. We say that saying doesn’t go quite far enough—instead, think about dressing for the kind of person you want to be.

After all, your clothing says a lot about you. If you opt for a button-up instead of a T-shirt to attend church services, that says something about your respect for others. If you wear a proper pair of trousers and not shorts to a date, it says something about how you to choose to present yourself.

But what about everyday living? What about when you simply want to look good running an errand or sitting around the house? What values should your wardrobe project? We love the “classic American style” so much that we offer those same clothing articles here at Vintage 1946—and that’s why we want to give you three reasons that this style might fit you as well.

Reason #1: Everyone Loves the All American 

Hey, we like a unique sense of fashion as much as anyone else. We don’t believe that you should dress to appease others, but you should certainly dress appropriately no matter what the situation—it’s not so much about “fitting in” as it is looking like you belong in the room.

That can start on the fancy side with a pair of Appalachian trousers, which are just the right combination of casual-dressy that they can work at a wedding just as well as a backyard barbecue.

Be unique as you like, but don’t be a slob: be someone who looks like they belong in the room.

Reason #2: It's Ready for Anything

There’s a certain ruggedness to American fashion that is, if anything, quite handy. Americans are pretty casual, and we think that’s a great thing—it means you can look dressy in a pair of seersucker shorts. And wearing those shorts means you’re actually ready to tackle a game of tennis or a day at the beach at a moment’s notice. The classic American clothing we feature here is designed to be attractive as well as functional, which fits in with the colonial spirit of Americans from Lewis and Clark on up.

Reason #3: Versatility is the Name of the Game

You’ll hear us at Vintage 1946 talk a lot about versatility. Good, classic American clothing tends to be versatile. You can wear a Sahara twill pant on a trip to the beach and not look out of place; pair it with a khaki suit and you still won’t look out of place.

Thanks to its functionality, classic American clothing doesn’t look out of place unless you make a really odd choice, like wearing shorts to a job interview. It’s hard to mess up your fashion selections when you have a classic American wardrobe—and if you ask us, that makes life a little simpler.