What is Twill? Read the Guide & Shop the Top Twill Men's Pants


It might sound like a contraction out of a Shakespeare play, but if you’ve been reading up on your style advice, you know that it’s something you can wear, and often.

But what not many people know is that twill is simpler than it seems at first glance. It’s not a specific kind of fabric, like cotton, but a specific way of weaving fabric.

Twill is, in fact, so ubiquitous that you may be wearing it right now. Twill fabrics can include everything from chino to tweed to denim, which means that even if you’ve never viewed yourself as a “twill man,” you may not have known that you, in fact, already were.

If you want to learn twill or even simply incorporate it into your wardrobe, we at Vintage1946 have a few pants that will serve you in just about any social occasion you can think of. Want to learn twill? Here are the three pants you need to know:

Military Twill Pants

 Above: Military Twill in British tan.

Military Twill can be heavy-duty, which gives it both a comfort and warmth advantage when the temperatures drop in winter. But for all of their heavy-duty prowess, military twill can be surprisingly breathable, as well as flexible. Military Twill tends to have a “rugged” aspect to it—they’re dressy enough to work in a military uniform, but really they’re made for moving around in. These pants would be ideal for anyone who likes their trousers to have a little more forgiveness when it comes to movement. They’re highly functional, allowing you to dress up for an occasion like Thanksgiving without feeling like you’ve dressed yourself out of contention for the flag football game.

Sahara Twill

Above: Sahara twill trim fit stone.

Living up to their name, Sahara Twill pants are made with lighter cotton than their heavy-duty counterparts in the Military Twill. This makes them ideal for hot summer days and extended sun time. If you need a pair of twill pants for the dog days of summer, Sahara Twill is the way to go—they’ll be lightweight and breathable enough to be your coolest option this side of shorts. If you like the “dressy” vibe you get from these pants but your chief priority is outdoor comfort, Sahara Twill might be the best way to ensure you don’t end up with kneepit stains.

Classic Twill

Above: Classic Vintage twill in Charleston brick.

If you’re all about southern style, Classic Vintage twill is the option for you. It meets a happy medium in terms of function, offering comfort without going as lightweight as the Sahara twill. These are the pants you can wear for business casual events, for backyard barbecues, for golf outings, for outdoor functions—heck, you can wear them to the grocery store. And they may be southern, but they’ll really fit in anywhere that quality pants are appreciated.

Which Twill pant is best for you? Only you can tell us the answer to that question—but now you should be armed with the knowledge to make the right choice.