Industrial Strength: Stylish Winter Essentials For Men

Staying warm without jeopardizing style requires a little ingenuity. But whether you’re handling a mild southern winter or a positively arctic northern winter this year, here are a few ways to stay snug and put together.

Casual Wear: It’s All About the Henleys

What t-shirts are to summer, Henleys can be to winter. They make a simple and effective bottom layer while adding a full-sleeve dash of warmth no matter where you go. Button all three buttons up to squash out the cold, or let the top one open so you can breathe if you’re facing an unseasonably cool day. Add a winter jacket over a henley and you’re ready for a trip to the grocery store or to a friend’s house.

The secret to pulling off a henley in the winter: knitting. Made with 100% cotton, our knit henleys are the perfect baselayer, offering insulation and a comfortable, soft feel. A Henley might not be enough to fight off the snow, but as layers go, it’s a start.

Go Heavy Duty

Although many people focus on layering in the winter, few people actually stop to think about the quality of the pants they’re wearing. Then, on those blistering cold days, they wonder why they feel as if the heat is simply being sucked out of them.

Enter: heavy duty cotton. It’s made of sturdier stuff, more capable of handling the autumn and winter temperatures than many of cotton’s less-heavy cousins. This Appalachian Fatigue a serious pant for someone who has to do some serious walking when the temperatures drop. Pair it with a comfortable winter coat and some heavy duty boots and you’ll be ready for just about anything winter has to throw at you. Oh, and make sure you don’t ignore your mother’s advice: a hat and gloves are essential when the mercury drops below freezing.

Get Sweaty

No, not literally sweaty—we’re just using a fancy turn of phrase to remind you of our heavy sweaters. There’s a reason they call them sweaters, after all—they’re made to withstand tough outdoor conditions, even when the weather drops far below what you were expecting in the morning.

The high collars, the stretchy cuffs—they’re all details bent on keeping your bodyheat well-trapped within the confines of your outfit. What’s more, the contrasting colors on the inside of the collars will help you add a splash of color when layering with a casual T-shirt underneath—which is another way to keep warm, by the way. Add any one of these sweaters to your winter wardrobe and you’ll be ready for any situation—just make sure you have a winter coat that can handle it.