From Sloppy to Dapper: A Fall Blueprint for Beginners

Don’t you hate traditional style advice? Open a men’s style magazine and they’re telling you which $1,200 pair of jeans to buy (only available in a store in New York City) or that you need to visit a cobbler every time a shoelace is out of place.

We say, that’s crazy. Even the sloppiest of men can instantly acquire a beginner’s wardrobe for this season with a little know-how and a little guidance. And it helps to have links, too.

Pants: Stretch Corduroy All Day, Every Day

Corduroy is a frequent sartorial favorite for autumn. Not only is the fabric thick enough to handle slightly cooler temperatures, but something about it just “looks” fall. Don’t believe us? Check out our own stretch corduroy in oatmeal:

The stretching quality of the fabric ensures an on-point, quality fit while also keeping the fabric close and warm. These make a great alternative to the usual jeans, which—let’s be honest—are probably already in your wardrobe anyway.

The Tops: Thinking Warm Thoughts

As the temperatures drop in the fall, it’s not just the pants that should get longer—it’s the sleeves.

That’s where our retro cardigan can come in handy, providing a throwback look that evokes a quality of effortlessness. And why shouldn’t it be effortless? All you have to do is button it up to look good:

Of course, when the temperatures drop in fall, you have to think about layering. You can easily accomplish that with this piece by adding a printed buffalo check button-down. The collar will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit, while the buffalo plaid provides a stark contrast to the solid color of our cardigan:

And forget about it as a layering piece—it also serves as a nice feature piece if the temperatures haven’t quite dropped yet.

Adding a “Workwear” Vibe to Your Wardrobe

These days, the concept of “workwear” is all over the fashion world. Men are dressing for utility and function, and looking good while doing it, too. We think this Appalachian pant, in Moss, is a perfect fall color to give you a similar workwear vibe without looking inauthentic:

Pair these pants with a good pair of work boots from some of the most popular menswear brands out there today—Red Wing, Chippewa, etc.—and you’ll look casual enough for the outdoors without losing any sophistication when you head indoors.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Of course, while these basic items provide you with an instant wardrobe (try a unique combination of the above items for a week, and you won’t have to wear the same outfit twice in a row), there are always the accessories to consider. Let’s round out your fall wardrobe with the must-have items you need to buy yesterday:

Boots. You need a good, solid, weather-resistant pair of boots that will last you not only through fall, but through winter. Don’t think just one season for these—really go for the gusto.

A brown leather belt. Why brown specifically? Well, you see how good it looks on the Appalachian Moss pants above. But brown is especially versatile—and necessary for pairing with a good pair of brown boots.

Hats, gloves, and socks. Why group them together? Because they should all be made of warming wool. Don’t skimp out on the fabric.

There you have it—an efficient fall wardrobe that will have you looking your best throughout the cooler months. Yes, you can always add your own flair—sunglasses, watches, and the like—but that’s optional. A truly versatile wardrobe focuses on the essentials.