Go Vintage While Staying Modern

Here at Vintage1946, you might say that being vintage is sort of our “thing.” We love the classic look, and we really appreciate the throwback vibe of classic American style. But it’s easy to look vintage; looking vintage while holding on to modern style trends is a little bit of a tightrope to walk.

It’s easier than it sounds, however. Staying modern means adapting to the latest trends in colors, styles, and clothing items. But looking vintage is all about being a throwback—ignoring the “big name brands” and logos and instead choosing a path that’s entirely your own. You need a more wholesome, Americana-style path that says a lot about who you are as a person. So here’s our guide to looking vintage while staying in touch with today’s modern trends:

Keep it Simple

Going “vintage” doesn’t have to be an exercise in complexity. Many people shop thrift stores and look for precise items that will fit their vintage-style wardrobe. And that’s great! But for your casual clothes wearer, something simpler is needed. Sticking to basic items like pants, sharp polos, and stylish shorts is a great way to get started. You can still pull off the modern look with a good fit—but the clothes themselves can contain a bit of a “vintage” throwback to keep you grounded in a classic timelessness. We at Vintage 1946 obviously fancy ourselves experts in providing the best of both words: simplicity and sharpness with a classic edge.

Try New Things

We know—it sounds counterintuitive to say that going vintage means trying new things! But think about it—how often have you really tried on a pair of seersucker shorts? Those throwbacks aren’t only modern-looking, but they have their own sort of timelessness that can’t be denied. They’re outside the usual realm of shorts, but somehow, they look even more like an essential item than simple khaki shorts. It’s amazing how trying new things in your wardrobe can actually make you look more vintage. If your look has been too modern, maybe it’s time to break out of the beaten path and try something new—or in this case, vintage.

Brighten Up

Summer is a perfect time for brightening up your wardrobe. But what the old vintage black and white photos don’t show you is just how colorful fashion used to be, and is becoming again. Brightening up your wardrobe is a great way to reconcile both a vintage style and a modern sensibility. You don’t have to go with bold pinks; just simply experiment with some new, unfamiliar colors that you think match your personal style. You’ll be amazed at how differently you feel just putting on a pair of lightly-colored pants. And you’ll be amazed at how good you look, too.

Follow these tips and you won’t only improve your vintage style, but you’ll look like more of a modern style expert. You’d be amazed how easy it is to pull off both with the same outfit.