Stretch Twill Pants: How to Stay Cool Without Shorts this Summer

No one loves shorts more than us. The evidence? Well, in addition to selling a collection of vintage shorts, we love talking about shorts, too—right here on our blog. But that doesn’t mean we think shorts are the only thing to wear all summer long.

Sometimes you have formal events to attend. Sometimes you have to go to work. Sometimes all of your shorts will be in the laundry and you’ll have nothing else to wear. No matter which way you hem it, you’re going to need pants at some point during this summer. And it’s time that you start dealing with that fact and preparing accordingly. It’s time to learn how to stay cool without the shorts.

First Things First: Choose the Right Fabric

You might remember a little something called “Sahara Twill.” We talked about it when addressing how to stay sweat-free during the summer. And we’re not about to abandon the idea that the twill weave is one of the best possible ways to ensure that you can enjoy a breezy-cool feeling even when your legs are totally covered and the sun’s out.

But if you want a little more flexibility in your pants—after all, summer usually means more walking, more biking, more everything—then we recommend you check out Stretch Twill. With five light, summer-ready colors to choose from, you have no shortage of options when it comes to a stretchy, flexible, lightweight fabric that will have you feeling like you’re wearing shorts even when you’re not.

If you want the short version of our tips, you can secure a pair of Sunny Stretch Twill Trim Fit in Stone and call it a day. These light-colored pants will reflect plenty of sun, keep your legs feeling cool, and match well with casual shoes of just about any color.

How to Match Your Summer Pants to Your Wardrobe

Of course, staying cool with summer pants isn’t just about buying a good pair of pants—though that’s certainly a good start. You’ll want to start rethinking the way you dress, period. Here are a few tips for summer:

  • Consider going sockless. The sockless look is all the rage these days, and we have to admit it’s a practical option for summer. When you wear any pair of shoes short of boots, it’s possible to get away with a sockless look—especially when the heat is on and everyone will understand why you’re doing it.
  • Keep your colors light. It might be tempting to contrast your light-colored pants with something dark up top. The problem is that dark colors tend to absorb more light and heat. Light and heat, of course, are the enemy of breezy and cool, so don’t be afraid to wear all light colors. If you need some help, use to explore some potential palettes for your look.

Summer shouldn’t be stifling and hot. And even when it is, that’s no reason you have to feel stifled and hot. Wear the right pants and pair them with the right clothes and you’ll feel comfortable just about anywhere.