What to Wear to Your Next Pool Party

Summer is nearly upon us, and that means one thing: pool party season. Gone are the holiday soirees near fireplaces, the indoor Valentine’s Day romances, the chilly family get-togethers. In summer, those old parties give way to Fourth of July barbecues and midsummer bashes—and that means pools, sun, and plenty of fun by the water.

There’s only one problem. You have no idea what to wear to a pool party. Do you take an extra pair of shorts with you? And if so, how can you transport them? Should you dress as casually as possible…or will you look out of place? We answer both questions by taking a look at some of the best possible investments you can make in your summer shorts: pull-on shorts and reversibles.

Pull-On Shorts: Keep Some Dry Clothes Handy

At some point, you’re going to want to change out of a wet pair of swim trunks and into something that’s convenient, dry, and comfortable. After all, you don’t want to splash water all over somebody’s home or wait hours without swimming until your trunks air-dry on their own. That’s why we recommend keeping a pair of Pull-On Shorts handy, including:

  • Blueberry
  • Charleston Brick
  • Khaki

At just 5.5” in length, they’re breezy enough for the summer, small enough to fit in a small bag, and are every bit as comfortable as any other pair of shorts in your dresser. The best part is, they’re easy to pull on in a quick pinch if you need to change out of your wet swim trunks in a hurry.

It might not seem important now, but part of handling a pool party the right way is preparing for all of the little things you otherwise wouldn’t think to prepare for. When it’s time to change, you’ll want convenience and comfort first and foremost. Why not bring it with you?

Reversible Shorts: When You’re Not Sure What to Wear

You know how some parties leave their dress code up in the air? They don’t tell you if they’re more formal or more casual. You don’t know what everyone else will be wearing. So why not wear two pairs of shorts in one, just in case you feel a bit out of place? That’s one of the many benefits of wearing Reversible Shorts. You can try a colorful summer pattern or reverse course and go with something a little more conservative if the crowd isn’t quite what you expected.

These aren’t just great for pool parties, however—they’re great to take with you on any vacation when you need to squeeze the most possible versatility out of your packing space. No one likes to bring an entire closet with them when they travel. Okay, nix that. Most people don’t like to bring an entire closet with them when they travel. If you want to keep your luggage light but your vacation clothes just as stylish, invest in a pair of reversible shorts.

Get Your Summer On

Check out all of the summer-ready shorts we have here at Vintage for more ideas on what to wear to your next warm weather get-together. We have something that will look occasion-appropriate no matter where the next pool party may be.