Short Sleeve Woven Shirts

Too often, a man’s shirt wardrobe will be divided into two specific categories: nice long sleeve shirts for work and formal occasions, and short sleeve T-shirts for casual days. Those two types of garments are great, but there is room in the middle for another category. That’s exactly what we offer here in our collection of men’s short sleeve woven shirts. These are quality pieces that give you the comfort of short sleeves without sacrificing on style.

Feel the Woven Quality

It’s easy to tell when you put on a garment that is made with a woven material. There is a distinct feel to woven material that just can’t be replaced, and you’ll notice it as soon as your order arrives. In addition to the quality of the material, you will also appreciate the great colors and designs we have available in this category. With a button down front and a classic fit, you will find plenty of opportunities to put these shirts to use.

Vintage Clothes, Great Service

At Vintage 1946, we are committed to great design and exceptional customer service. Where some companies drop the ball on caring for customers after they have placed an order, we make sure you are satisfied from start to finish. We offer free shipping on regular priced orders, and our customer service line is happy to help when you have any questions. Thank you for stopping by. We look forward to receiving your order today!