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3 products

Men's Stretch Golf Shorts

Whether you are a serious golfer who fights hard for every shot, or the type who is more concerned with having a great time and a cold beverage, comfort is king on the course. Rounds of golf typically take four hours or more, so wearing clothes that look and feel great should be a top priority. At Vintage 1946, our collection of men’s stretch golf shorts bring plenty of style to the links without compromising for a moment on comfort. Order a pair or two today, and get ready for a great summer of golf.

Designed for the Course

Plenty of clothing manufacturers attach the word “golf” to their shorts, but they don’t actually have any idea what makes a pair of shorts well-suited to playing this game. Vintage 1946, on the other hand, only puts the golf label on shorts that have been designed intentionally for this sport.

The 10’’ inseam on these shorts balances leg coverage with comfort and flexibility, and the performance stretch fabric will keep you cool without inhibiting your swing. There is even a side accessory pocket to handle your tees, ball markers, etc. Once you’ve played your first round in a pair of these men’s golf shorts, we doubt you’ll want to go back to anything else.

Turn Some Heads

The game of golf has a long history of fashion statements, and some players take as much pride in their look as their performance. Our stretch golf shorts collection presents a variety of styles—some tame, some wild—so you can pick those that best match your taste. We have classics like solid navy, tan, or grey shorts, but we also have bold styles like camo, triangle print, and even tiger print. With a little help from Vintage 1946, you’ll be the best-dressed player in your group!