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      Men’s Hiking Shorts

      Technically, you could wear just about anything to go on a hike. With that said, some garments are better suited for the demands of a day on the trail than others. Our Everest Shorts are sure to impress when used in this capacity. These are men’s hiking shorts that will help you stay comfortable even when the miles start to add up under a hot summer sun. To get the most out of every hike, trust Vintage 1946 to deliver the ideal outdoor shorts!

      Versatile Performance

      We think you will love the way these shorts feel on a summer hike. With a moisture-wicking material that includes polyester, cotton, and spandex, and a 9’’ inseam for leg coverage, time on trail will feel better than ever. However, don’t think that these shorts are only up to one challenge. Thanks to sharp looks and plenty of pockets—along with tunnel belt loops—you will find plenty of active, outdoor uses for our Everest Shorts.

      The Vintage 1946 Look

      We think clothing from generations past brought a distinct style that is missing from many of today’s garments. And yet, we are certainly not stuck in the past. Bringing classic styling to modern garments featuring advanced materials is our calling card. We think you’ll love not only these men’s hiking shorts but the rest of the items in our collection, as well. Thank you for taking the time to shop at Vintage 1946, and we hope to receive your order today!