Vintage Style Men's Clothing: How to Spot the Best Deals

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If you’re looking for affordable men’s vintage style clothing, most people would steer you to the thrift shop. But the problem with the local thrift shop is that if they don’t have enough donors, you simply won’t find the style choices you can find elsewhere. Not to mention the whole “used” factor—who knows who wore that last and what they were doing in it. So how do you find thrift shop prices on new vintage style men’s clothing that you actually want?

Avoid Bad Online Shopping Habits

Before you find the deals, you need to abandon some of the bad habits online shoppers tend to pick up, including:

  • Sorting solely by total price. Don’t do it! A low price is not the only indication of a bargain. Start doing the long-term math instead. Remember, a $50 men’s vintage shirt you wear a hundred times is a better bargain than a $3 shirt you wear once.
  • Ignoring size. Found a spectacular deal in a size too large? Then you didn’t find a deal. Size is and will always be one of the most important reasons an article of clothing looks good on you.

With those bad habits out of the way, let’s focus on some new tips for finding great deals on men’s vintage style clothing.

Buy Your Clothes in the Right Season

This is a strategy that requires a lot of patience. But if you’re willing to make the effort, you can find a lot of spectacular deals on men’s vintage style clothing as well. Simply put, it’s often more frugal to buy clothes right after a season ends than when it’s just heating up. That means buying warm winter clothes at the end of winter and light summer clothes when fall is just kicking in.

This might seem like a counter-intuitive practice, and it is. But if you have the patience to wait a few seasons to enjoy your new clothes, you can save a lot of money. For clothes that are especially hip or subscribing to the latest fad, however, this approach can be a bit risky. But with men’s vintage style clothing, you know that the clothes you’re waiting on have a little more staying power than the average article.

Before You Browse Online, Click to the “Sale” Section First

This might sound obvious, but there’s a subtle distinction here: by clicking to a “sale” section first, you stop unconsciously comparing the clearance clothes with the other ones you’ve already seen.

By clicking over to the sale section first, you’re pulling off a neat psychological trick: you’re limiting your own choices. This might sound like a bad idea, but sometimes having too many choices can be just as bad. In “The Paradox of Choice,” by Barry Schwartz, the author argued that having too many choices can lead to buyer’s remorse. There’s simply too much you feel you’re missing out on.

Limit your choice to the “Sale” section, however, and you may end up increasing your ultimate buyer satisfaction. And when you know you’ve found a bargain—that’s even better.

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November 08, 2016 by Vintage 1946
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