Vintage Seersucker Shorts: Boost Your Short Game Today

Something’s “off” about your short game—and we don’t mean on the golf course. We’re talking about summer fashion here. Whether you’re wearing plain old cotton shorts that are starting to wear or need a simple boost to your summer look, we have the solution: vintage seersucker shorts.

But why seersucker specifically? We can think of at least five reasons.

Seersucker is Different

True: seersucker, like many fabrics, is made from cotton or synthetic fabrics. But the similarity between seersucker and other fabric styles ends there. The “puckered” design of seersucker is instantly distinguishable from just about any other type of fabric you can imagine wearing. It has a dense, substantial look but ultimately allows plenty of open room for breathability and comfort, even in hot weather.

Seersucker is Comfortable

If a fabric weave isn’t going to be comfortable, then its versatility doesn’t really matter, because you’re never going to wear it. But there’s a good chance that your next pair of vintage seersucker shorts will also become your favorite pair of shorts, period.

Why? Comfort. Seersucker has that rare combination of substance and lightness that’s so hard to find in the summer, so it’s no surprise that it will help you feel covered without being stifling. This is crucial, especially in hot & humid climates like here in Charleston, SC.

Seersucker is Durable

If an item of clothing doesn’t last long, then it’s not going to serve you at all. One of the defining characteristics of a “favorite” pair of clothing is that you can keep on turning to it, again and again, even after repeated bouts in the washer and dryer. Seersucker, whether it’s made from cotton or synthetic fabrics, is strong enough to handle whatever you throw at it.

“Dressier” than Many Shorts

Our vintage seersucker shorts are as casual as they are dressy. In fact, seersucker is a substantial enough fabric weave that it’s even used as a material in men’s suits! Seersucker suits aren’t rare at all—in fact, they’re downright ubiquitous as a wardrobe staple, especially in warmer climates like the South.

We’re not saying that a seersucker short like our Vintage Seersucker in Tan is going to make it look like you’re wearing a suit. But if you’re dressing it up for a swanky event, it’s probably going to fit in better than that old pair of regular cotton cargo shorts you have folded up in your dresser.

Seersucker is Timeless

With a name like “Vintage 1946,” you wouldn’t be surprised to learn we’re all about timelessness. And what does timelessness mean when applied to a pair of shorts? Simple: it’s a style that’s going to last a long time. That means you can keep on putting them on every year, wait for them to go out of style, and find that they simply… don’t.

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May 02, 2017 by Vintage 1946
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