Men's Seersucker Shorts: It’s Time to Make the Switch

Interested in investing in a quality pair of shorts that you can wear all throughout the warm season? You probably have thought about styles, but not necessarily the fabric weave process itself. If that’s the case, let us introduce you to one of the best options out there: men’s seersucker shorts.

What is Seersucker?

Seersucker is a type of all-cotton fabric that is both light and features an interesting, noticeable texture. It is often described as “puckered” and even includes bunches or wrinkling as part of its construction. If you’re shopping for men’s warm weather shorts, it may just be your best option.

Why Cotton is Great for Warm Weather

Cotton is light and highly breathable, often great at wicking sweat away and keeping you comfortable. There’s a reason it’s one of the most ubiquitous materials in the world of fashion. Cotton is also highly versatile. Many different types of fabric weaves are constructed from cotton. Although linen is another option that is great for warm weather, cotton may just be the most versatile material in the entire fashion world.

So what separates a pair of men’s seersucker shorts from your usual, run-of-the-mill cotton options?

Seersucker Shorts vs Cotton Shorts

Seersucker is very slowly and purposefully woven in order to create the resulting fabric. Because of the way this weaving process takes place, it often bunches in certain places, which gives rise to a sort of textured, rumpled effect. The fabric ends up being very light and airy, but not without substance. Its use in warm weather is very well known, going back to the British colonial period when British officers needed to wear clothing that was durable and substantial but capable of standing up to the heat.

Today, seersucker is fashioned into all sorts of items, including seersucker jackets, seersucker shirts, and yes, seersucker shorts. So why is it superior to a plain cotton weave? It can be difficult to explain without ever feeling it. But suffice it to say, seersucker offers a high degree of durability and strength while leaving all of the breathability and lightness of cotton in tact. The end result is a fabric that feels substantial but still maintains the lightness and cooling effects of cotton.

Trying Seersucker Shorts for the First Time

If you’ve never had much exposure to seersucker, a pair of men’s seersucker shorts is a great way to start. It will give you an example of the texture and feel of seersucker while allowing you to wear the comfortable warm weather fabrics you enjoy with your shirts.

Chances are, you’ll find that seersucker lives up to its reputation. The slow weaving process used to create it might be meticulous, but it results in a strong pair of shorts that leaves plenty of room for proper air circulation. That means minimum sweat spots and condensation while enjoying the warmer weather. And because seersucker is versatile and strong, it also works for spring and early portions of fall, making it one of the most versatile “warm weather” fabrics there is.

Shop our Seersucker Shorts today, or view our other men’s shorts styles if we still haven’t convinced you.

February 21, 2017 by Vintage 1946
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