Three Benefits of Wearing Stretch Twill Pants

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If you love a good pair of Twill pants, but you want something with a little more give and flexibility, then you’re more than ready for a pair of Stretch Twill Pants. If you haven’t heard of these, you might wonder how “Stretch” twill outperforms the regular pair in some respects. How does stretch twill work, and why might it bring added benefits to your wardrobe? Let’s find out.

How “Stretch Twill” Works

The combination here is simple: 98% compact cotton and 2% spandex. That 2% spandex might not sound like a lot, but it changes the makeup of the Twill Pants significantly. You’ll notice once you put them on. While the compact cotton keeps the fight tight if you have it right the first time, incorporating spandex means a little extra wiggle-room for sitting down, moving around, even crouching.

That means you’ll still have all the benefits of twill—the temperature friendliness, the lightness, the texture—because, after all, 98% compact cotton makes for a pretty effective pair of trousers. It’s that little bit of spandex built right in that makes all the difference when it comes to leg feel.

Now let’s look at how this translates to benefits in your wardrobe.

Benefit #1: Flexibility

This is the most obvious benefit. Once you wear a pair of Stretch Twill pants, you’ll immediately recognize that the fabric isn’t quite different. A fresh pair of pants tends to be stiff; not so with Stretch Twill. You’ll have no problem bending, crouching, even running around as if you’re wearing a pair of athletic pants.

The only real problem with all that flexibility? It’s too good at what it does. You’ll get used to it and you’ll notice the difference when you wear another pair of dress pants—which, by comparison, might seem a little disappointing.

Benefit #2: Comfort

It’s hard to be comfortable when you’re stiff. Flexibility instantly means more comfort because you can take the comfortable positions you might not be used to from a dressy pair of pants. Crossing an ankle over a leg, stretching out on the couch—unthinkable when you’re wearing a stiff suit. But when you’re wearing stretch twill, it becomes second nature. And considering that twill is made from cotton, it’s not hard to see why these pants have a skin feel that’s second to none.

Benefit #3: Durability

When you find a good pair of pants, you might limit your movements because you want to take it easy. You don’t want to stretch the fabric or—even worse—risk tearing it. With the spandex infusion present in Stretch Twill, these concerns go away. You’re free to stretch them out a bit, run around, and enjoy them like you would any comfortable pair of pants.

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March 28, 2017 by Vintage 1946
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