The Essential Snapper: The Best 5 Inch Shorts

With a nod to “The Royal Teens,” who came out with their famous hit about length-challenged shorts in 1957, it’s fair to say that short shorts are back in time for 2015.

And why not? Short 5-inch shorts like our own line of 5” Snappers offer everything that’s good about summer: plenty of breathing room, bright colors, and enough casual comfort to last you all season. It’s a time-tested truth that’s been around since the 1950s: even if it’s fall—or winter—there’s no better time to make a sartorial investment in short shorts.

But why 5-inch shorts and not any longer? Let’s take a look at what makes these Snappers so special.

Outdoor Versatility

We dare you to look at that pair of shorts and pretend that you don’t want to wear it everywhere you go this summer.

The good news about these Snappers is that they’re truly versatile. They’re comfortable enough to wear in athletic endeavors—think a friendly game of beach volleyball—as well as wear in some of those summer-only events like boating on the lake. A pair like the one pictured above can be dressed down for fun or dressed up for a unique take on athletic summer style.

But the versatility is about more than the look: it’s about the fit. Longer cargo shorts require you to bear heavy pockets at knee-length wherever you go. It doesn’t make for fun games of basketball or comfortable days spent outside under a hot summer sun. But these shorts? They’re short enough to handle anything, providing you the leg room to get a proper tan while enjoying a full range of movement.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Everybody wears shorts in the summer—that’s a given. But 5.5” snappers offer something unique, aside from the fact that they’re five inch shorts. They also offer reversible pockets in a high variety of designs. With a plain white tee or a simple monochromatic polo, you’ll still look properly dressed for any occasion while also standing out from the crowd.

Let’s face it, guys: when it’s summertime and everyone is donning shorts, there aren’t many opportunities to differentiate yourself short of—gasp!—wearing pants. And when it’s too dang sunny outside to do anything but be outside, you’ll want a pair of shorts that looks unique while offering an entirely unique level of breathability and comfort.

Show Off Those Legs

Men don’t get a lot of opportunities to show off our bodies, even in summertime. Sometimes, we like showing a little bit of skin, too. Sure, going shirtless is always an option, but what if you want to show off your legs when you’re not at the beach?

Going sockless in a pair of boat shoes combined with these 5 inch shorts is your best bet for showing off all of those squats and calf raises you’ve been doing all winter.

The only disadvantage of five inch shorts? We’ll let you know when we find one.

October 27, 2014 by Jon Rivers
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